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Xtra Life Natural Products is a company created in 1995 since its foundation has been characterized by providing nutritional supplements of the highest quality and potency, which has been enabled to spread the Xtra Life name to different parts of the world

Xtra Life has a highly qualified team of professionals dedicated to the study, research and development of supplements from natural sources makes our products the best that provide the requirements for better health by giving the adequate levels of energy, leading to a better quality of life.

Xtra Life's line has more than seventy products made with the finest raw materials available and manufactured under strict quality control regulations as required by the FDA, NNFA and the Department of Agriculture of the State of Florida. Among them should be highlighted for their high-quality supplements of vitamins and minerals, the line of slimming and dietary supplements produced from natural products that help weight loss when used along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Another important line is the stimulating and energizing with exclusive formulas prepared with the purpose of supplying for both, woman and man  the nutrients needed to reduce stress and provide energy help them cope with daily living activities
The broad spectrum of our supplements made is related to the disorder of the circulatory and digestive ailments and to help and to improve the joints.  also in Xtra Life provides a line of body and facials creams.

Another service provided by Xtra Life is to our clients the possibility of developing its own line. To do this we offer advice and resources needed to design their labels.

In Xtra Life always you find a friendly and affable treatment.  Xtra Life challenge is to offer the highest quality in its products, information and appropriate guidance on complementary customer needs.
This has allowed Xtra Life marketed with great success its products in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama among others.

Xtra Life motto is "Life, Life and More Life ...."

Elena Caro

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