Nutritional supplement manufacturing is Xtra Life  Natural specialty , recognized for many years in the production of quality products for the health care industry, Xtra Life Natural Products pays attention to dietary supplement regulation. It is our objective to meet or exceed the requirements and regulations of US GMP  { Good Manufacturing Practices} also we are regulated by the Florida Department  Of Agriculture the Florida State., and to work towards continuous process and products quality improvement true the years to come.

We offer Private label, supplements, and liquid vitamins are included in the Xtra Life Product range. The company, based in Miami Florida is well known as a trusted manufacturer for the natural and nutritional care industry.

Xtra Life Natural Products thru many years is becoming the choice of customers in the industry of natural products, also distributors and private label marketers. Quality is the key factor in establishing a successful product line and Xtra Life Natural Products concentrates all its efforts into achieving the highest level of quality in the production of its products. This means we must meet the highest standards to ensure our customers receive a  product that they expect. A quality standard it's the reason, to cutting edge in technology enables us to ensure that these are implemented in all the way.

Xtra Life Natural Products are used by consumers worldwide. We have costumes in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, and we're open to does who wants to become part of Xtra Life Natural Products.

Our services include:

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